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The NAADPC will convene its Sixth National African American Drug Policy Summit March 24-27, 2010 in Silver Spring, Maryland.


The Local Coalition Committees will be comprised of members of each of the national professional organizations in the National African American Drug Policy Coalition in the pilot cities, and additional individuals representative of the courts, juvenile, neglect and abuse and other social services agencies, adult criminal courts pretrial services and probation officers, the prosecutor and the criminal defense function. The organizing chair of the committee shall be a representative of a local affiliate of the National Bar Association who shall coordinate with representatives of the national organizations the selection of a member of each individual organization to be its representative at the local level.  The representatives of the member organizations shall comprise the Executive Committee of local coalition.  Additional individuals from existing substance abuse related coalitions; Universities; representatives of all of the governmental entities dealing with individuals involved with illegal drug usage and binge drinking and alcoholism, both with adults and with our youth.; representatives of the public school system; churches;, as well as other leaders in the community who may advance job training, employment and other services for recovered drug users and those re-entering society after serving a period of imprisonment will be recruited to serve on the Local Coalitions.

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